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The Monster of Forks
By all accounts, Jonathan Fallow should have been a normal boy. He was born to normal parents, he lived in the normal (if boring) town of Forks, he went to a normal high school, and he had normal friends, but Jonathan was not a normal boy. Normal boys don't find themselves in an abandoned cabin in the middle of the woods with a fistful of sleeping pills in one hand and a gun in the other.
In fact, this was a situation Jonathan Fallow found himself in a lot as he was not a normal boy at all. He used to be a normal boy, with normal thoughts and normal dreams, but these normal aspects of him were swept away a long time ago. The monster had ensured that.
You see, there is a monster lurking in the sleepy shadows of Forks. None of the citizens realizes it, of course. There would be a panic if they knew! Thankfully, the monster of Forks is a quiet beast, perhaps even shy. The monster doesn’t like being seen. The monster also used to be a normal, teenaged boy.
Do you see the connection y
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Heart of the Blizzard
The snow swirled ominously in the darkness, obscuring the vision of all of those stuck within the storm. The dormant trees’ branches swayed and broke off in the blizzard’s fury. They were tossed about violently in the gale. The biting cold was too much for even the most grizzled of the wildlife to survive in and so, they either froze to death under the mountain of ice and snow or found shelter within caves of stone. The wolves in their caves huddled together, attempting to share their warmth in order to survive while rabbits, their tiny forms shuddering in the harsh freeze, clung to each other in fear. It felt like the gods of old were taking their anger out on the forest. If the truth is to be told, they were not far off from the truth.
A short, slender woman slowly stumbled through the storm raging about her. Each step was a tiny battle unto itself, and her thin, weary face strained with the stress of it. Every once in a while, she sometimes lost her footing and started t
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Shadow of the City
Amy had always despised the night. As a little girl, it symbolized uncertainty and solitude, as it was the time of day her father disappeared into the darkness and her mother away went to solicit her body at the local taverns. She hated the stifling silence of the house during those hours and the overwhelming feeling of anxiety, afraid that they wouldn't come back for her. When the Seraph came through the door with her father's dagger in hand, it only worsened her fear of the dark.
Now, the darkness was her greatest ally. It was her shield, protecting her from wandering eyes as she snuck through Divinity's Reach's empty streets. It allowed her the possibility to feel a full stomach again, to be able to live another day without having to beg. And no matter what, she'd never slink to an orphanage to be given away like damaged goods. She had seen what happened to orphans. There was a dead look in their eyes and their "parents" never looked at them with love in their eyes. She wouldn't let
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We Are
We go by many names
but we are known by all
We spread lies and hate
Knowledge and love
Ignorance and enlightenment
Yet we are revered still
We are patriots
And we all belong
We are a choice
A life
A passion
And we are beautiful
We are strong
We are prepared
We will fight
And we will win
We will not die
We will not fade
And we will not secede
We are the Internet
And we will not be controlled
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The Dark Knight
Approximately four months before the Cataclysm.
"We're losing her!"
"Where's the dreaming potion?"
"Somebody restrain her, quickly!"
The night elf closed her eyes under her hood, listening to the orders shouted out by the healers. They were struggling to keep their charge alive and the savage shrieks of a being in pain made it very difficult to hear anything else. Their helpers strapped the patient's wrists to the bed, and the poor soul became deathly silent as the drugs kicked in.
She was standing right beside the doorway that led outside of the infirmary, where she was out of the way but could still get a good look of what was happening. Her normally brown armor was coated in black soot and grey ashes, as well as her pink face and putrid-looking green hair under the hood. Her grimy, plate-clad arms were crossed over her chest, and nobody paid her any mind even with her importance. Yet, that was fine with her. There were more serious matters at hand.
The healers' frantic hands
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deviantID - Brinarr by StarfireChronicles deviantID - Brinarr :iconstarfirechronicles:StarfireChronicles 3 0
Sneak through the brush, don't let them see you. Draw your knife, mask your fear. Eye your prey, plan your trap. Lure them out, strike their pretty faces. Take their beating hearts, tuck it away into yours. That's why you do it, remember? You don't have a heart. When you smile it's all for the act, and the act is for the show. The show must go on, even when you're gone. This is the way of the world, even as the world turns sour. The cycle churns, even when your task is done.
But your task isn't done, and so you go on. Creep through the dead, watch for the prize. The shadows guide you, and the lies hide you from the prying eyes. Sweet solitude blesses you, and it will bless you until the end. Look for the quarry; don't stop until it's over. You're halfway there; keep walking even as they see you. Wield your blade, prepare to fight, beat them back down into the ground. Bury your trail; leave before they find you again.
You're closer now, close enough to taste the dawn. Fake another smile
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Under My Skin
I've got you under my skin. I've got you in the heart of me, so deep underneath that I can barely find the end of you and the beginning of me. Your strength bleeds into my body, and I can see in your eyes that you can barely find yourself now. We are drowning in the shadow of our falsehoods, and only in anguish you've finally found me.
We are losing ourselves to the monsters we've created. Yet, like a safeguard, we have protected each other, refusing to let go as we begin to fall from grace. Just hold on a little longer, we've told ourselves. We'll get out of this. Just hold on.
We've held on too long. I can feel the pain that has scarred your heart, and I know you can see my own wounds from battle. We have to let go before the hate consumes us. We have to be free in order to live, to feel, to smile. We can't be one.
Sometimes hate is not enough to turn all of this into ashes, but I can't stop it any longer. I give in. We've been so busy trying to keep the weight of the world off of ea
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The Start
Part One
Grappling hands held down her limbs. Her arm smacked one of their heads, but the hands were quick to react. Her right leg wiggled uselessly under their tight grip, while the left one was left untouched as it was the focus of their attention.
"What was she thinking, being outside of her city with a broken leg? Even with this weather!"
"Hush, child."
Their words were barely understood, in a dialect long etched into her mind. Sadly, it was unheard by her ears for a long enough time that it sounded almost foreign. As the strangers spoke, bits and pieces of it came back to her more and more rapidly. It was a soothing language, but not enough to quiet her struggles.
"Restrain her, for the love of Illi'nah! I can't get a good look at her leg like this..." muttered a raspy voice.
The pressure on her arms and leg increased, making it near impossible to move anything but her head. She felt prying fingers strip away her armor before they began to grope her skin. She revolted
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Bloody Tears Shed
Bloody tears shed
For what?
And now here lies Mercutio
Struck down by trivial hatred
His final words cursing them all
Montague and the Capulet
Now watch as Tybalt arrogantly swaggers back
Romeo's furious gaze settling upon him
Watch as they fight
Blades clashing ferociously
Watch as Tybalt falls
And as his own bloody tears run down his cheeks
Watch as the angels of Heaven take him into the forbidden world
Beyond the one of mortals
The King of Cats is no more
Run, Romeo, run!
Why do you stay?
Do not ponder
How you are fortune's fool
Do not linger
For the Prince will have your head
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Harbinger of the Fae
Harbinger of the Fae
Cries similar to this one was screamed around her. For a casual observer, it was an odd sight. The center of all of the chaos was only a simple girl. Around her the city had worked itself into a frenzy.  People crowded the streets, pushing against each other and the guards. They hissed and spat and shrieked at her. Even the guards looked like they wanted to let loose the huge mob upon the girl, but somehow they restrained themselves. She was paraded through the streets, not a scrap of clothing covering her body. Flanked by seven elite guards, with iron shackles binding her wrists, it was certainly a sight to see.
Rotting fruits was thrown down from the surrounding buildings, through windows and the people who dared to brave the height of the rooftops to see this one who had plagued their land for so long. A few were astounded that such a little thing could have caused so much misery and fear.
She couldn't be a day over 25 years
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The Burning
The Burning
Stormwind. The Human capital city. Nestled between the farms of Westfall, the Elwynn Forest, and Redridge's hills, it was the gem of the kingdom. The streets were filled with heroes and citizens alike, along with well-trained guards fighting back the criminals of the city. It could easily send you to the Dwarves of Ironforge by the Gnomish tram, or to the World Tree Teldrassil, where the moon-worshipping Kal'dorei made their home. No matter what they say, this was truly the heart of the Grand Alliance.
But now, a dark day has come over the land. A Doom Cult has sprung up, proclaiming that the world will end by fire. People, men in particular, have gone missing. Elementals are invading the lands, with earthquakes eternally bombarding them. The people's will is fading, and fear filled their minds. Desperate, they begged their king and the guards for something. Anything. So the leaders of Darnassus, Ironforge, Exodar, Stormwind, and the exiles of Gnomeragon came together withi
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The Demise
I walked through the dark forest, the thick mist enveloping me. I don't know how I got here. I don't know how long I've been here. If I was hungry, I didn't notice. If I was thirsty, it didn't show. On the off hand, I no longer cared. I felt nothing. Not the cold, the winds blowing across my bare skin, the blisters upon my feet, nor the cuts covering my body from fights I don't remember. I didn't know where I was going. I didn't remember where I came from. They said I came from a special place. A beautiful place. They told me I had a future. They said I was special. I think they lied. If I was special, then he wouldn't of died.
Little furry things scurried away as they heard my footsteps. They hated me. They wanted me gone. They tried to kill me. It hurt. Maybe I was dead. No, I don't think so. Otherwise it wouldn't feel like he took my heart with him. When he went away. I wish I went with him. But they didn't let me. They took me away. They hurt me. But I hurt them back. I think I ran
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Friends and Enemies
I laid back in the grass, looking up at the stars. My loyal pet and companion, Blackclaw, was lying next to me while I absentmindedly stroked her fur. I was going to go out with my baby sister, Moonrustle, but instead she went out with the death knight she was courting, an elf called Syllen. I would only tell Blackclaw how I secretly envied them, as well as Nallore and Sentrina (who were married happily). So instead we head out to Silverpine Forest, lounging in a deserted clearing somewhere. The sky was open and clear, so moonlight shined upon us. "Weird day, hasn't it?" I said to the wolf. She barked in agreement. Far in the distance I heard wings beat, but I figured it was only a bat that accompanied the area. Until we heard someone dropping  from a tree. Blackclaw growls gently to show she heard it too.
We pretended to not notice, continuing to gaze into the night sky. Out of the corner of my eye, I almost groaned. It was Scar, a rogue that had saved me from being
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Darkness Rising: Part I
A young high elf woman walked hurriedly into the lecture hall in Silvermoon City with books clutched against her chest, sitting down between two other elves at a table. A dark-haired elven man walked down the heavily decorated hallway then turned to face the room full of students, whose eyes were trained on him. The man cleared his throat, then looked over the room. "Many promising young ones are present today. I'm glad you all could make it. Now, any questions before we get started?"  Silence. "Alright, then..." He sighed. "Who can tell me the difference between Fel magic, Arcane energies, and the Light?" The woman who just walked in raised her hand. "Yes, Miss Silverwinds?"
"Demonic magic transforms the spell-caster into something more dark. The Light is here to forgive us, and in return of our devotion to it, it grants us special abilities. Hence how Paladins and Priests exist. Arcane is somewhere in the middle," she answered in a clear voice.
"Correct and incorrect, Miss
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Tales of the Ramayana - Assassin by theDURRRRIAN Tales of the Ramayana - Assassin :iconthedurrrrian:theDURRRRIAN 3,038 34 Redhead II by chantryBOOM
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Redhead II :iconchantryboom:chantryBOOM 86 6
dark templar sword - Godfrey by peterku dark templar sword - Godfrey :iconpeterku:peterku 1,191 69 diablo III reaper of souls fanart - alexnegrea by alexnegrea diablo III reaper of souls fanart - alexnegrea :iconalexnegrea:alexnegrea 3,976 283
Being Okay Is The Hardest Thing We Do
Being Okay Is The Hardest Thing We Do
because being okay is expected,
if we’re not okay, that’s not okay,
what can we do to be okay?
we can scribble illegible words
on a canvas made for by painters
masquerading as notebook paper,
and hope that we can sell the burn
of stinging emotions for some paper.
but the funny thing about that thought?
is that american money isn’t paper,
it’s 75% cotton and 25% linen fibers.
so even the money you'd earn from your misery,
isn't anything you can write on
when you realize your money isn't 
made to heal. even if it does talk. 
but it never really ever says enough, does it?
But that's okay...
being okay is the hardest thing we do
because sticks and stones do break bones,
but you can hide the scars 
with a jacket or longer sweatshirt.
or put on pants as opposed to athletic shorts.
words kill, words heal, and words are so much more.
and you can't hide the scars that riddle your face,
the way your
:iconchromeantennae:chromeantennae 131 119
Horseborn by haryarti Horseborn :iconharyarti:haryarti 2,519 43 Darkness And The Light by arc117 Darkness And The Light :iconarc117:arc117 6 0 Darth Spikey by jollyjack Darth Spikey :iconjollyjack:jollyjack 11,592 2,148 Twi'lek Trouble by Etoli Twi'lek Trouble :iconetoli:Etoli 1,003 105 Untitled-33 by aditya777 Untitled-33 :iconaditya777:aditya777 735 7 Untitled-34 by aditya777 Untitled-34 :iconaditya777:aditya777 2,007 22 Overwatch - Reaper by MonoriRogue Overwatch - Reaper :iconmonorirogue:MonoriRogue 3,143 170 Rosewood by AvannTeth Rosewood :iconavannteth:AvannTeth 264 17 THE PLAYER ONE: JOURNEY by XAMOEL THE PLAYER ONE: JOURNEY :iconxamoel:XAMOEL 335 31 Autumn Approaches by jermilex Autumn Approaches :iconjermilex:jermilex 1,454 181


Hi guys. Long time, no talky. My bad...

Just wanted to make a quick journal to say that I'm not dead, and that I'm sorry I disappeared off of the face of the interwebs. I just suddenly lost all confidence in my writing and I felt like a poser, but I won't go into why I was gone for now. xP

But I'm back! Ish. I'm going on vacation on 6/2 (or Sunday) so I'll be gone for another two weeks or so. Just fyi, part two of The Dark Knight is still in the works, and I might have it done by the time I get back. Not sure yet. We'll see! If not, I have something else in store for you guys that's also from the Warcraft universe.
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Arvina Nevermore
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
I'm currently working on two stories: my fanfiction of World of Warcraft, which is called The Dark Knight. It's about a death knight and how she became the way she is.

My second one is my pet story, which is called Harbinger of the Fae. It will be an original story about a world called Virena, where gods do exist and shape how the world is every day, where the different types of fae are at war with each other, and humanity is barely recognized as more then a myth.

I work on these stories in my spare time, so I don't get to update often. I love creating short stories, where most of my story ideas develop from. Don't expect me to do many pictures, because I'm a newb when it comes to Photoshop and I draw like a 7-year-old.


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